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News Letter from the
Chesaning Area Conservation Club
13750 W Baldwin Road                                                                                     
Chesaning, MI 48616                  


      For all of those who would like to be come members of the Chesaning Area Conservation
  Club. There is an application form that must be filled out and a club member must sponsor you.
  You can get in-touch with any club member or e-mail the Webmaster who's e-mail address is
   linked on the main page of our Website for more information on membership.
   The photo above is a representation of the future buildings of the Chesaning Area Conservation Club house and  Activity room / Indoor Archery range.    Let's all get togather now and get this project accomplish. Thanks to every one.
                                                                                                                                               Duane Moore President
    ** Note **
These two photos were printed in the Argus Press on April 1st,2012
The children in the photo are the Scouts from New Lothrop and  
  their leader and other adults with them.
   Copies of these two write ups are on the photo page if you
  wish to have copies of them or other photos.  Click on to the
album icon on the bottom of the  page.
To enlarge these two photos below click onto them with your mouse.
Club Officers:
President:               Mark Stopjik          989 845-5947
V. President            Gary Dankert         989 845-7647
Treasurer:               Dave Ives               989 845-4121
Secretary:               Dennis Schoch     
Membership Sec:  Gary Dankert         989 845-7647

Board of Directors:
Jack Alden          Dennis McDonagh
Gary Dankert      Duane Moore
Rick Delong       Dennis Schoch
Clay Ewing         Chris Sloan
Howie Gross       Len Strait
Terry Gross         Joe Stopjik
Dave Ives           Mark Stopjik
Joe Loos           

Dates to Remember
Dec 13th     Membership meet.         7:30pm
Jan  3rd       Board Meeting                7:30pm
       9th        Morning Coffee               9:00 am
       10th      Wild Game Dinner          7:00pm
      19th       Archery Sign-up              9-12 am
       23rd     Morning Coffee                9:00am
       26th      Youth Archery                   9-12am
Feb 7th        Board Meeting                 7:30 pm
       9th       Youth Archery                    9-12am
      14th      Membership Meet           7:30pm

Contact Person
Here is a list of contact people. If you have question or suggestions please give us a call.
Trap Range           Duane Moore  989-865-6940
Riffle Range         Terry Gross              845-3529
Archery                  Joe Loos                 928-2556
Building                 Jack Alden              284-6650
Adopt  Hwy            Rick Delong            845-7140
Parshallburg          Rick Delong            845-7140
Grounds Mowing  Joe Stopjik              845-6484
Snow removal        Mark Stopjik           845-5947
Raffle                      Len Strait                323-1681

December 2018
Wild Game Dinner
Thursday January 10,2019 Club. Doors open at 6 PM. Dinner is at 7 PM Cost is $5.and a passing dish.There is a table raffle and a 10-gun raffle tickets. We need people to sell raffle tickets. Call Len Strait 323-1681

Bib Buck Contest
Bring your Antlers at the Wild Game Dinner

Youth Archery
Sign up is Saturday Jan.12,2019 9-noon This league runs Jan 26th to March 16th. Cost is $30. per person, Discounts for multiple child families.
Contact: Mark Stopjik 989-845-5947 or Steve Devota 989-585-3152
There will 2 sessions 150 people max. A 9:00am (75 People) and a 11:30 am (75 people)

Adult 3D Archery League
The club will have a 8 week Monday night 3D Bow League  ($70.00  9-12 pre pay or $10.00 per week) Time 7:00 pm. Contact; Joe Loos 928-2556  Sign up will be Jan.12th 9-12 noon.

New Gate:
Club has installed a new gate with a card reader. This will allow us to track how often the club is being used. Each member will have to pay a one-time fee of $10.00 for an access card. This fee is refundable when you return the card. For a card contact Gary Dankert 989-845-7647  You can get a new gate card either at the Wild Game Dinner or during Youth Archery sign up  Jan.12th.

CPL Classes
Will be held by James Dankert. The cost is $130.00. If you are interested in being in a class. Contact Gary Dankert at 989-845-7647

Club Dues Reminder
Yearly dues cost; $40./ $70. for couples
New Member dues cost: $80.00 (includes A$10.gate card) Couples $110.00
You can mail club dues to Len Strait  11090 Baldwin Rd. Chesaning,MI  48616

MUCC Youth Camp
Fliers available in early March, if you have kids that want to go.  Contact Gary Dankert 989-845-7647

House Rule For Use Of Club Grounds

No member or any other person
can use the Club Grounds to make a profit
with out the  CACC  Board's  Approval !