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    As a club we offer many opportunities to participate in many different hunting 
  and recreational activities. The information of these activities are listed on our
  Events page. We also offer several different educational and certification classes. 
  All of our classes are held on our club grounds.

     We have classes for those wishing to learn all about using rifles, bow & arrows. 
  Many local youngsters have learned the correct way from professionals in our
  classes and we are very glad that we can be apart of teaching them all of the
  safety ways to use such items. So that they can and will have successful hunts
  and safe hunts for everyone. We feel that it is the right way to go about this. Check
  out this page for such classes for information such as when they are held and their
  cost. It is required by law to have taken Hunter Safety Classes if you have never
  had a Michigan hunting license. In having these classes we are doing our part to
  help our state to have safe and successful hunters.

    We also have CPL & CCW (Carry Concealed Weapons) classes that are offered.  
  This is a class that is required for those who wish to carry a concealed weapon. All
  of the requirements will be given out at the classes.  Please check  out this page for
  the place, time and cost of this class.     

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Hunter Safety Class

For more information please call:
Gary Dankert at 845-7647

CPL Classes

Will be held by James Dankert. The cost is $130.00. If you are interested in being in a class. Contact Gary Dankert at 989-845-7647