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News Letter from the
Chesaning Area Conservation Club
3750 W Baldwin Road                                                                                     
Chesaning, MI 48616                  


      For all of those who would like to be come members of the Chesaning Area Conservation
  Club. There is an application form that must be filled out and a club member must sponsor you.
  You can get in-touch with any club member or e-mail the Webmaster who's e-mail address is
   linked on the main page of our Website for more information on membership.
   The photo above is a representation of the future buildings of the Chesaning Area Conservation Club house and  Activity room / Indoor Archery range.    Let's all get togather now and get this project accomplish. Thanks to every one.
                                                                                                                                               Duane Moore President
    ** Note **
These two photos were printed in the Argus Press on April 1st,2012
The children in the photo are the Scouts from New Lothrop and  
  their leader and other adults with them.
   Copies of these two write ups are on the photo page if you
  wish to have copies of them or other photos.  Click on to the
album icon on the bottom of the  page.
To enlarge these two photos below click onto them with your mouse.
  Club Officers:
  President:               Mark Stopjik          989 845-5947
  V. President            Jim Mowl               989-766-3054
  Treasurer:               Dave Ives               989 845-4121
  Secretary:               Dennis Schoch      989 865-6874
  Membership Sec:  Gary Dankert         989 845-7647

  Board of Directors:
  Jack Alden               Duane Moore 
  Gary Dankert           Jim Mowl
  Rick Delong     Dennis McDonagh
  Clay Ewing               Dennis Schoch
  Howie Gross  Joe Stopjik
  Terry Gross              Mark Stopjik
  Dave Ives                 Len Strait
  Joe Loos   Chris Sloan

Dates to Remember
Oct      5th               Board Meeting                7:30 PM
         12th               Membership meet          7:30 PM
Nov     2th               Fall Banquet                    6:00 PM

Contact Person  Here is a list of contact people. If you have any questions or suggestions please give them a call.
Trap Range-            Duane Moore         865-6940
Rifle Range              Terry Gross            845-3529
Archery-                    Mark Stopjik          845-5947
Building/ Mainten    Jack Alden              284-6650
Adopt-Hwy               Rick Delong           845-7140
Parshallburg            Rick Delong           845-7140
Grounds/Lawn mowing  Joe Stopjik     845-6484
Snow removal  Jim Mowl               845-3054 

Wild Game Dinner   Jan 12,2018
There will be a 10 gun raffle along with other raffles. Dinner will be at 6:45 PM
October  2017

Fall Banquet- Thursday November 2nd
The cost is $15.00, KC is putting on the dinner. Doors open at 6 PM and dinner is at 7PM. There will be in house raffles, where only people present will win prizes. We will have a Men's table raffle and also a Women's table raffle. We are raffling off a 6X6 hunting blind made by Black Dog LLc. We are doing a unique 3 gun raffle. Finally we are doing a deck of card raffle for a gun. Contact any director for tickets. You can call Gary Dankert at 989-845-7647 for tickets.

New Gate-
A new gate will be installed by Saginaw Fence Company later this month. Club is installing a gate with a card reader. This will allow our members easier access and allow the board to know who is using the facility. Each member will have to pay a one time fee of $10.00 for an access card. This fee is refundable when you return the card.  Jan 1st. the new gate will become operational. You do not have to return your keys. Hold on to those keys in case the new gate becomes inoperable, we will then use the old gate. Cards will become available at the fall Banquet in November. Any questions contact Mark Stopjik 989-529-1097.

Rifle Range-
No Rapid Fire...Thanks
NOTICE TO ALL SHOTGUNS.** If you pattern shotguns **  please use the patterning board at the trap range. please remember 30 min.rule when other shooters show up. We are having an issue with people not cleaning up after themselves.. leaving brass on the ground. Please pick up all shell casings when you're done  Remember this is your range take good care of it.
Remember; Please follow all Posted Range Rules, If you see a member or individuals not using the range properly contact a board member. Contact person is Terry Gross 845-3529

Pond Fish planting.
We recently stocked the pond with 400 bluegills and 20 bass. We have installed an aerator system for the pond. This will help insure the fish won't die off in the winter. Next year kids will be able to fish (Catch and Release)

Pistol Range-
Next year, we are going to install a pistol range where the old trap tower was. We will be posting rules for usage. This will be a limited use range when only a certain number of people can shoot at a time. We will need volunteers to help install this. Contact a board member if you can help.

House Rule For Use Of Club Grounds

No member or any other person
can use the Club Grounds to make a profit
with out the  CACC  Board's  Approval !